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Book Reviews for Busy People: OF BREAKABLE THINGS and LEGEND

R0000776I love reading book reviews and writing them too, but I also know that most people are super busy just keeping up with everything else going on in their lives, so I like to keep my reviews short and simple.

This week, I’ve reviewed two books and I’d love it if you checked out the reviews and also checked out the books (they are AMAZING). I don’t review anything that doesn’t make it to five stars, because after all, these are going on my favorite list.R0000775


This week’s FABULOUS reads are:

OF BREAKABLE THINGS by A. Lynden Rolland: review is here.

LEGEND by Marie Lu: review is here.

Have a great week!



I have a book deal!

I’m really excited to say that my young adult debut novel, COVER ME WITH DARKNESS, will be published by Month9Books in 2016!

Words can’t describe, and I’m not much of a gif girl, so instead of pasting frenetic pictures of people doing crazy happy dances, let me just go quietly away and do one now.

Here’s to all the authors who ever had to pick themselves up and write another book after putting their book in a drawer.

And here’s to all the wonderful readers who love books and make it all possible. I can’t wait to share my book with you!

Fireworks by jeff_golden. CC by-sa licensed.
Fireworks by jeff_golden. CC by-sa licensed.

Slipstream Fiction

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on slipstream fiction, calling it “genre-crossing” and a “cocktail of the familiar and unexpected”. I can think of a bunch of my favourite books and authors who might fit into this category, like China Mieville’s The City & The City, which is set in a world where two cities exist geographically side by side, neither of which acknowledges the other and the people do not cross to the other side; or Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, in which there is another world underneath London, filled with all sorts of scary and scarily beautiful things.

What I love about the idea of slipstream fiction, is that it’s often set in a place that looks a lot like our world, but change one important element–make it something fantastical–and you end up with a whole new ball game. That means endless possibilities. Until I read about slipstream fiction, there were a couple of my books that I didn’t think could fit into any one genre. It’s nice to think they might have a home with slipstream fiction.

Interview: Jaymin Eve, Author of bestselling Walker Saga

Jaymin Eve is the author of the bestselling Walker Saga and has just released the first book in the Supernatural Prison series: Dragon Marked.

First World by Jaymin Eve  Walker Saga  1

EF: Hi Jaymin! I want to start with the Walker Saga and can I just say that Abby is the definition of a kick-butt YA heroine, but what really sets her apart for me is her personality. How much fun have you had writing this series?

JE: Hi! I love Abby too, she is the heart of the Walker Saga and it has been so much fun to write in her ‘voice’.I love a heroine who has no problems with taking risks, is kick-butt, has a smart mouth and yet can be vulnerable. Abigail is as flawed as she is perfect and that in my opinion is what makes her so multi-dimensional. She makes mistakes, she owns them and then tries her best to fix what she has created. This series is full of girl-power and the true bonds of friendship and love.

As a whole the Walker Saga is a big story and world. There are layers upon layers, seven different worlds, different creatures, different landscapes. All so vastly alien to anything humans know of. The series incorporates facets of the various genres I love: fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, romance, drama, action. It really has it all, and in that way it has been more fun than I ever imagined to write. Never boring that is for sure.

EF: I love all your covers, but particularly the cover for your latest Walker book, Nephilius. Can you give us a sneak peak into the next book in the series, Dronish?

JE: Dronish is a world full of vampiric creatures that have razed their world to the ground. Their need for energy has drained the once vibrant world to a shell of itself. They are a dying race, and their half-Walker female is hunted for the masses of energy which resides inside of her. It is a dark and cold world, almost the exact opposite of Crais. One world has too much heat and sun, the other not enough.

EF: I can’t wait to read it! And the final book, Earth. What’s in store for Abby and Brace? I am dying to see how the Walker Saga ends!

JE: Wow! Well Earth is the final chapter of this epic saga, we will discover the Earth half-Walker and try and race the clock to imprison the free members of the Seventine. The date for the convergence will draw closer and they know that if all seven of these power hungry creatures are released, then the entire star-system will be destroyed. I foresee plenty of drama in this final chapter. Fingers crossed Abby and her girls come out on top.

Dragon Marked by Jaymin Eve

EF: Now to your new series, Supernatural Prison, and the first book: Dragon Marked. I didn’t think I could ever love a male lead more than Brace, but the Compass brothers in Dragon Marked are serious competition. Tell us a bit about the story.

JE: I have a special place in my heart for all of my leading men and Brace and Braxton are at the top of that list. Everything you want in the man in your life, tall, protective, alpha-as-all-heck but still vulnerable when it comes to their loves.

Dragon Marked is our first venture into the Supernatural Prison world. There are jails hidden across the globe and contained within these fortresses are some of the deadliest criminals from the five supernatural races: vampire, shifter, fey, magic users and demi-fey. Bordering the prisons are communities filled with supernatural creatures that protect the borders.

We follow Jessa, her sister Mischa and the delectable Compass quadruplets as they navigate the secrets of their world. Plenty of supernatural creatures, lots of drama, sexual tension and crazy love abounds. There are plenty of humorous moments woven throughout also.

Thank you so much Everly for chatting with me today, I have had a blast 🙂

EF: Me too! Thanks Jaymin!

UPDATE: As at 16 February 2015, Dragon Marked is sitting at No. 7 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Congratulations, Jaymin! 🙂

Jaymin Eve author photo

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