Mortality Series: complete on Kindle Unlimited

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Mortality Book One
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Mortality Book Two
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Mortality Book Three
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Mortality Book Four

Assassin’s Magic Series: on Kindle Unlimited

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Storm Princess Saga: complete on Kindle Unlimited

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The Princess Must Die
Storm Princess Saga #1
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The Princess Must Strike
Storm Princess Saga #2
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The Princess Must Reign
Storm Princess Saga #3

Standalone on Kindle Unlimited

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The Characters of the Mortality Series

Everly Frost, Ava Holland, Evereacher, The Starsgardians

Ava Holland, 16, Evereacher

In Ava’s world, everyone is invincible. Nobody can be killed.

But Ava is about to change everything.

If they can beat me

Michael Bradley, 17, Evereacher

Michael is the fastest healer anyone’s ever seen. Some people call him the first immortal. But one terrible mistake changes his life.

Now his only hope for redemption is to protect Ava.

Joshua Holland, Everly Frost, The Starsgardians

Joshua Holland, 17, Evereacher

Ava’s brother, Josh, kept a secret that cost his life.

But his sacrifice drives Ava to fight for her freedom.


The Places of the Mortality Series

evereach cityscape 2


Ava’s home country, Evereach, is a superpower.

A world war was fought over control of Evereach’s rich natural resources and water supplies.


starsgard tower


Starsgard borders Evereach and is fiercely independent.

Its people live in majestic towers built on snowy mountains.

seversand dunes


Seversand is a desert country whose people are hardened warriors.

Seversand is the sworn enemy of Evereach.